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Montreal-based singer-songwriter and producer Oliver Charles discovered his passion for music in his teens. Growing up as a shy and bullied kid, music gave him the confidence to become the artist he is today.

Navigating himself as an independent artist for years, Oliver Charles developed his song writing skills, collaborated with multiple producers, performed in musicals, bars and festivals and learned about the music industry by networking between Montreal, Toronto and Paris. He charted top 3 in the ADISQ radios, went #1 on Musimax and has over 1M streams across all platforms. 


Often inspired by pop music, Charles tends to blend personal and vulnerable lyrics with a powerful voice and hooks that make every song memorable.  Through music school, collaborations and often self-taught, he learnt everything between writing, composing, arranging, singing, recording and producing.

After an intense recording period alongside The Grand Brothers in Morin-Heights, VOG in Paris and his home studio in Montreal, Charles is ready to release new music. 


“Your support is what counts the most, so thank you for being a part of all of this.” - Oliver Charles  

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