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Oliver Charles - Press 2.jpg

Oliver Charles is an award winning singer-songwriter and producer with diverse skills in project management, sound engineering, music and video productions, sales and marketing management and music label management.

A new collaboration takes place with an artist in Paris called VOG as they write, record and produce music and videos that are inspired by the possible outcome of our society.

“Sound Of Society is for everyone who loves pop.rock, science-fiction and likes to talk about the future of our society.” - S.O.S

This Montreal-based artist started his career as an adult-contemporary singer-songwriter with a preference for love songs and pop melodies.

Charting in local radio stations, he made an appearance on CTV, went #1 on Musimax, while performain in local festivals.

Now a producer, he writes and produces songs and music videos in collaboration with artists like Jeremy Voltz, Gabriella, Olivier Dion, December Rose, VOG, The Gadget. 

Many of these projects will see the day throughout the year 2023.


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